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Virtual Observatory

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    Are you too lazy, or cheap, to buy a decent telescope, set it up and cruise the night sky? But would still like to cruise the heavens from the comfort of your recliner with a fresh cup of herbal tea in your non-clicker hand? Here is your chance:

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    Thanks Chronos, great freeware. Most of those are actually virtual planetariums though, I didn't see any true VO's. Actually, I don't know of any free virtual observatories for the general public.

    slooh.com has a pretty cool voyeur-style free trial membership though.
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    Try Stellarium.
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    Great link. I always wanted a computer-based software of this type.
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    In Stellarium , I guess the Heisenberg's Uncertainity Principle is quite applicable.Because when you zoom in to see a star closely , it starts moving at enormous speeds , and I could never see the star properly.


    I guess when you view the stars from quite a distance, they seem stationary , as you close on them , they seem to start moving more rapidly.Ofcourse the star has been moving at the same speed irrespective of , from what distance we are viewing it.

    Aactually , when we are viewing it from a large distance , the stars seem to be stationary relative to others, but when viewed closely , the other celestial bodies are out of view and we see that star has speed up.
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