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Virtual particles experiment

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    Hi guys i dont know much about physcis but im interested in learning about it i have

    According to wikipedia virtual particle hasnt never been observed but i think that they are wrong it has been observed in this experiment

    my question are:

    1do virtual particles have matter/mass?

    2how long do they last?

    3what cause them?

    4 Is it true that the larger they are the briefer its existance will be

    Are photon virtual particles too?

    sorry if my grammar is bad english is my sec language plz answer my question plz
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    Moved to Quantum Physics.
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    This experiment did not observe virtual particles; virtual particles are unobservable by definition. It observed real particles that had been formed by, heuristically speaking, adding energy to virtual particles and thus turning them into real particles. I say "heuristically speaking" because there are a lot of subtleties lurking here, and I would strongly advise you to spend some time learning about them before trying to draw any conclusions about what experiments like this one are telling you.
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