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Virtual particles

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    Cant it be that the fabric of space-time continuum or space is transforming into the virtual particle and vice-versa?
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    Wow, 59 views and no post saying that I`m an idiot.

    I see all this articles on the net about virtual particles popping out of nothing, quantum field variations, vacuum fluctuations, virtual particles and causality, and all sorts of explications of why virtual particles pop apparently out of nothing, buy when they get deeper into the theory, i get lost.

    So maybe I`m an idiot.

    The simplest explanations that I saw were:

    -virtual particles pop there, but at the same time they dissapear somewhere else.
    -virtual particles come from other dimension/universe
    -matter is created out of nothing (yeah right...)

    So can anyone explain me in layman`s terms about these virtual particles, and also about my original question.
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    No, not at all. I think one reason for the silence is that the question of virtual particles has been discussed in news-groups hundreds of times. These discussions often lead to such flame-wars, that people may be hesitant to start them again.

    I recently posted an opinion on this subject:

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    ...maybe because your original question was not very crisp...

    You should try to sharpen up your question a bit and then maybe someone will be able to call you an idiot.

    Good luck.
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    This is the problem that we all have. It takes a lot of work to understand
    some of these things... otherwise they wouldn't be called "deep."

    You should be careful with the net. Sometimes it is not the best place to
    get your information. Try a textbook. It's hard for me to judge just
    exactly what might work... but maybe you would like to look at Griffith's
    book on particle theory... I think it's titled "Introduction to particle theory" or something like that.
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    I agree with olgranpappy. From your question I tend to think that you read a lot of popular science literature. It is fine, if you do it for entertainment. However, if you really want to understand the true nature of things, there is no substitute for a good old textbook.

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    How do you define "fabric of space-time continuum"?
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    And what does it mean for it to "transform into the virtual particle"?

    The reason nobody answered your question is probably because nobody could make any sense of it. It's "word salad": a bunch of physics jargon thrown together in a way that doesn't have any meaning to someone who knows physics.

    It could be that you simply haven't found the right words to phrase your question. Try again using different terminology, or give more detail. If this comes out of reading something, it would probably help to tell us what Web page or book you were looking at, and even better, quote some of it.
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