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my name is cory mccall and i live in spf mo. i am a junior in high school who is extremely interested in the fields of theoretical nuclear particle and astrophysics. for the first year im going to submit a project to the science fair.
over the course of about a month im goin to be throwing out some ideas and theories of mine and id love it if u could prove me wrong tell me what i dont know and what i could do to refine these theories. dont worry im not going to take a paragraph to describe myself each time. keep in mind these are based on my knowledge which is nowhere near extensive yet.
My first theory that im goin to throw out now has to do with theoretical physics obviously! however our setting is space and our culprits are virtual particles. though it hasnt been proven i strongly believe that there is no such thing as nothingness in space,(my opinions on the nothingness in black holes are mixed but mostly conclude that black holes do contain nothingness vacuums) because of virtual particles filling all the spaces. how they do it might be becuase of the uncertainty principle or some kind of restricted superposition of states. My theory is time travel and the creation of a wormhole i believe if we ever figure out how to totally evacuate all of the particles directly touching the shuttle that instantaneously upon reflection or deflection of the particles it will instantly be reduced to the size of a photon and be rocketed at speeds faster than light making a wormhole as it goes. now you ask then where does it stop? well now were talkin quantum mechanics. techinically it will never stop since its in the wormhole where time and gravity have no effect. therefore the shuttle navigates to the nearest black hole. when it completes the connection i havent figured in the effect it will have on the shuttle but.... if they navigated straight back home no matter where they are it will always be a day earlier than when they still workin on that part i was kinda goin on einsteins twin paradox.

well thats it please reply and tell me how amazing or impossible that is

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