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Virtual Reality Timeline

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    Ok, so I'm reading this book "The Age of Spiritual Machines", which is basically a book making predictions about the future of computers assuming the operation of Moore's law. Anyways, at one point, the author states something like "Around the year 2009, humans will be able to fully emerge their visual senses in a real-time virtual world". Basically implying that virtual reality will be suitable for almost any purposes we may need it for, real-time history lessons, online dating, real-time role playing games, etc., etc.. "

    Of course the author proceeds to say a lot more crazy stuff (the chapter about uploading your mind into your home pc is uhh..interesting). But anyways. what do you guys think, will computers have the processing power to render fully functional real-time virtual reality by 2009?
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    Tony Havelka might be the person to ask.
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