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Viscosity 5W-30 oil

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    Hi guys,

    For a prac we did, we are given the properties of a particular oil.

    Density (kg/m^3) = 876

    Viscosity (Ns/m^2) = 20.0x10^(-3)

    I believe it is the dynamic viscosity. Now is this viscosity correct? Or should it be 2.0x10^(-3)
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    Kinematic viscosity 10.3 cSt = 10.3 E-6 m^2/s
    To convert to kinematic to dynamic viscosity, multiply by the density,
    Dynamic viscosity = 10.3 E-6 * 876 = 9.02 E-3 Ns/m^2 = 9.02E-3 Pa-s

    If the dynamic viscosity is 45E-3 Pa-s at 40C and 9E-3 Pa-s at 100C,
    the correct value for your experiment could be either 20E-3 or 200E-3 depending on the temperature.
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