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Homework Help: Viscosity of Egg Yolk

  1. Nov 6, 2015 #1
    Hello, we were given a project in class to determine the viscosity of the egg yolk without breaking it. That is the exact question given to us. I researched and the only thing I found is that I should spin the egg to determine the viscosity. I have a tray of eggs and I just spun it and timed how long it spins. What else should i do? Thank you so much
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    Without breaking the egg's shell? Or, without scrambling the separated yolk? Which?

    What techniques are others in the class proposing?
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    The difficulty I see is distinguishing between viscosity of the yolk and that of the white. Perhaps you could parboil it, but it would be hard to know whether you've judged it correctly.
    Leaving that aside, provide some reason why the duration of the spin will depend on the viscosity.
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