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Visio successor?

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    I would like to improve the quality of my PF posts with some drawings from time to time. I think that many threads get bogged down with too many words trying to describe something that is easier to depict with a picture.

    Years ago, I often used Visio to whip up a quick drawing. But today, I can't find a suitable substitute. The problem for me is that today's programs have so very many tools and shortcuts that make the learning curve too steep. They are IMO examples of feeping creatureism o_O

    Also, in the modern programs I have more difficulty in selecting subsets of the object to operate on. Visio had some subtlety in its ergonomics of object selection that I don't understand but that I sorely miss.

    MS Word had a fair object drawing editor, but today I use Open Office, and it's editor sucks IMO.

    I don't want to plug a commercial product (especially a dead one) but Visio semed to find the sweet spot.

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    Inkscape and Illustrator.
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    You could use Notability on the iPad and make a screen shot and crop the image.

    Or use LibreOffice Draw.

    Here's a list of possible replacements:


    Pencil Project looks interesting, but has a caveat: Its domain .vn is a very risky one to visit according to some sources.
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    Thank you @jedishrfu and @Buffu . Very helpful. I'll explore your suggestions.
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    Dia works for me (dia-gnome). It's quite a bit like visio.

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    Looks interesting. However, caveat emptor.
    Be sure to read their License (http://www.sketchup.com/license/c/sketchup).

    Paragraph 11 states if you so much as show the documentation to anyone they can come after you for all you've got, "...in addition to whatever remedies it might have at law." (Whatever that means.) Not very user-friendly IMHO.

    p.s. It also phones home to tell them about usage. (paragraph 3.1)
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