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Visitation Dress Code (before a funeral)

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    anyone know if there is a dress code for a visitation?

    my friend whose dad died left on facebook a public message that visitation is tomorrow. is a visitation formal like a funeral? ... i've never been to either. I don't want to show up dressed in regular clothes and seem rude, but I don't want to show up in a black suit if a visitation isn't formal... and I don't want to ask because it's probably the last thing on his mind right now.

    Is jeans and a grey long-sleeve shirt appropriate?

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    When my friends dad died I wore black, but that was at the actual burial. I would stick to all black.

    I think the hardest part about the funeral was watching his mother and grandmother sob their eyes out.
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    Math Is Hard

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    I found this, Moe:

    "Q. What is the appropriate attire for a visitation and funeral?

    A. Dress for a visitation is typically business casual, while more formal attire is appropriate for the funeral ceremony. It is not necessary to wear black, but conservative attire is suggested for men and women. "
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    The average dress, is typically of the darker shades. Funeral homes aren't normally a happy, perky place, they are normally pretty dim and calm.
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    cool, thanks guys.

    even though he was my friend's dad, he would hang out with us often. he was sort of an old-school hippy and always fun to be around. he went missing for a few days and they found him in the forest... apparently he went on one of his hikes, and the cold got to him... it's a real shame, he was a really nice guy, though pretty strange, in a good way :(
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    You should wear whatever you're comfortable in. One of my wife's cousins died a couple of weeks ago, and half of the people at the funeral were wearing jeans. It's the intent that matters. If you behave respectfully, no one has a right to criticize your wardrobe.
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    Now a days I think in most parts you can get away with slacks and a button down. Probably even jeans and a button down. A suit is usually reserved for the actual funeral and even then it depends on the particular people. If you are just a guest you will not likely be expected to dress any more formally than a button down and slacks again and a tie would probably be a good idea.
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    I think you just going to the visitation to pay your respects will mean much more to the family than what your wearing... albeit your not wearing something outlandish that makes people focus their attention on you..
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