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Visiting Canada from US

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    I'm going to visit a friend in Montreal this weekend (my birthday!). I haven't been to Canada since I was younger than 16 years so I'm not entirely sure of what I need to bring, in terms of legal documentation.

    I've looked at several websites and some say my birth certificate and drivers license is fine and some seem to imply that I need a passport.

    It so happens that I have my birth certificate and drivers license on hand. For those of you who have travelled across the border recently - do you know if this is enough? I'll be staying about 4 days. I can ask my parents to rush me my passport if it's absolutely necessary though.
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    uhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................just a passport, duh.
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    Well, yeah. I know a passport would work. I'm asking if it's necessary.
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    Just do what you know will work so you don't get suck at the boarder.
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    Your birth certificate (with raised seal) plus a driver's license (assuming it has a photo on it) is enough, but a passport makes it a lot faster and easier if they check (they will check if you're flying; if you're driving, sometimes they just ask questions and don't bother checking ID, or just need to see your D.L.).

    http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/brochures/brochures_1229.html#c [Broken]
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    I was thinking I should just ask my parents to ship it anyway. It is my passport afterall. But say, hypothetically, I ask them to ship it and they forget. Would I be able to get through w/ just the birth certificate and driver's license?
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    Thanks Moonbear. I'm actually taking an Amtrak. And my license does have my photo on it. I'm hoping, though, that if there is a problem, I'll be told before I enter the train, since it's a non-stop train to Montreal (I think). I think I should be all right. Thanks again.
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    Yes, you can. JUST DO NOT LOOSE THEM!

    Ask the lady at the counter before the train gets under way. They might stamp your passport when the train gets to the boarder. In fact, they have to. Only a foreign country can stamp your passport. So it will have to be done in Canda/USA boarder.
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    Um.. why does it have to be a lady? Men work behind counters too.. :grumpy:

    Just kidding. Thank you, Cyrus :!!)
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    If you would rather talk to a man than a nice woman in a uniform be my guest. (even better, call them tomorrow, you dont want to find out when your already there and miss your train)
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    You're full of good ideas. Or does it just seem that way because you have Charlie Rose as an avatar..
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    It does have its advantages :)
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    I have went to the US (from Canada) a few times this year, and I only carried my Driver's License. I never had problems going into the US with only that.

    On the way back into Canada, they sometimes don't even ask for anything. They let me drive right through.

    Maybe it's because of the way I say "Eh!". It must be a dead giveaway.
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    I think if I tried ending a sentence in "eh", I'd say it wrong (with a Boston accent) and they'd intentionally hold me for questioning.

    Good to know that I probably won't need to worry any more than I already have. Thanks
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    bring a jacket.
  17. Feb 13, 2006 #16
    Yep, though I've been told that a lot of Montreal is underground and thus I should not expect to need the jacket all the time. And according to what I've been hearing, the weather is milder there than where I am currently (upstate NY). Still, I will indeed be bringing a jacket.
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    no passport required to get from canada to US. heck, I don't even need a drivers liscence sometimes. "you canadian?" "yup" "go ahead"
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