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Visiting Scholar @Berkeley: tips!

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    I was recently given the opportunity to stay at Berkeley for 6months as a visiting scholar during the next spring semester. I would like to know if anyone has been living in the region and ask a few questions.

    Where is it better to live and what is the best way to find a share appartment (I won't have a car)?
    What should my housing budget be ? etc.

    I know I can find pretty much everything on google and Berkeley's website but I would like to have some feedback from people on this forum. I am mostly looking for some advices and tips that one would not find on official websites and trip advisor! Anything that comes to your mind please do not hesitate!

    Also, if there are any, what is the key for a successful 6months research project?!

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    You can PM me, I am a student at berkeley
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    I'd say you shouldn't expect to do a years work in those six months. Which means you should try to set a reasonable goal.
    Also reserve time for settling in. I can't put a time frame on this, maybe someone else can give a coarse estimate for that.

    Be sure to have a good understanding/relationship with colleagues. (or as good as possible)
    I mean by this that it's easier to communicate in an informal way, it took me a while to adjust to this with my supervisor myself.
    It makes everything a lot easier and quicker.
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    Hi and thanks to the both of you. I had very little free time to anwser sorry for the delay!

    I realized that (the hard way) during my present internship. This will be even more true since I am not specialized on the topic of this visit in Berkeley.

    @Maylis: thanks I will contact you asap!

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