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Visual basic 2008 program

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    Hello computer geniuses. I am learning to develop visual basic program. For just now I have
    developed the project of student database through text base mode. I know how to publish
    the application to make set up files.

    My main problem is that I need to make setup files install the folders name 2008, 2009 in D
    root drive.

    In detail
    set up files should install the folder D:\2008\Diploma\1, D:\2008\Diploma\2,.........

    This is important and final part of project. I think this can be done after application starts. But I need to learn how to make this when somebody clicks my setup files.

    I am very eager to get your ideas.....
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    Hey Hyperspace2.

    You have a couple of options of doing this.

    The first option is to use the Windows API. To do this you have to add some "declare" routines to your code. Here is some information for this kind of thing:


    The other way is to use the native VB commands themselves. Take a look at this:

    http://www.vbexplorer.com/VBExplorer/vb_feature/may2000/may2000.asp [Broken]
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    Thank you sir for your help. I think I have figured it out.
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