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Visual basic 6 programming

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    hey can any one help me, i have to make an application, in which i have to change pictures in piture box ,means the i have to show advertisement in picture box, and a specfic period of time it automatically change to some other advertisement, i have to create this application in visual basic 6,and i have import advertisment from internet
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    Well, i'd rather stay away from VB 6 and use VB.NET if possible, but you'll want to use an Image control for displaying the image. I believe you can specify a URL for the image location and the control will take care of fetching the image from the web. Then use a timer to rotate images.
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    But if VB is what he needs to do in, then .NET is not really an option.

    sushant, what do you have so far? We can help you, but we can't do it for you.
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