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Visual Brain Teasers Thread

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    I so happen to like visual brain teasers. There's a lack, not to say a total absence, of these on this forum and I thought it'd be a good idea to start this thread so to undo the injustice. I was thinking maybe we could have some mods readily check this thread to validate image postings. That said, all kinds of puzzles, provided they have visual elements, would be welcomed.
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    Here are a few that always amaze me.
    Pic 1: The "tile A and B are the EXACT same shade" one really gets me. Proof: use MS Paint (or similar) to copy/paste one tile onto the other. They are the exact same shade.
    Pic 2: The table tops are the EXACT same size/shape. Proof: trace one out on a piece of paper held up to your monitor. Then rotate it to cover the other one. They are exactly the same.
    Pic 3:The "blue" and "green" are actually the same color. Proof: use MS Paint (or similar) to "pick color" and draw on the other color. They are the exact same color. (you might have to zoom in some).
    I guess these are not really puzzles, more like illusions. They still seemed fitting for this thread because they are "puzzling" to me.

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    Wow IMP, I checked all of them! Didnt believe them at first. Good ones!
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    The spiral image is lossy. As a result, the pixels in the green areas are not all the same color. When you pick the color, what you get depends on where you click. Here is page with several optical illusions including a non-lossy version of the spiral. The effect is much better.
    Optical Illusions
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    Jimmy, I replaced the spiral with a cleaner one.
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    That's amazing. Here is a video summary of these illusions.

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