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Visualizing Forces in equilibrium

  1. Apr 25, 2014 #1

    I am studying for the MCATs, and currently going through physics. Sadly its my weakest area :(
    For the last three weeks I am stuck on conservative/non-conservative forces. The problem seems to be that I keep missing important associated forces on a system.
    For example:
    I got stuck with problem 62 and 42 here: http://www.astro.queensu.ca/~tjb/hw/P10706/hw6.pdf

    The problem? for 42- I simply didnt include the F of the engine in the free diagram- and all other forces canceled out.
    For 62: I assumed that for the skier to be able to continue straight the final KE just has to be greater than the Centripetal force. Skipped over the fact that I can just make mg= mv^2/r and then solve the work energy equation. I had a couple of similar "ahh" moments with other force problems.

    Soooo- Any tips for specific exercises/problems/ approaches to make sure that I don't miss key aspects of the system??
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