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Visualizing Higher Dimensions

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    I've developed a game, or some may say tool, that aids in the conceptualization and visualization of movement in the higher dimensions. It is 12 dimensional tic-tac-toe. By competing with an opponent to connect points in 12 dimensions, one can truly get a grasp for the arbitrariness of any coordinate system. Plus, in 12 dimensions, there are 531,441 (3^12) possible slots.

    Here is the link, hope you guys find it useful. :)


    Btw, if there are any Game Theory experts that would like to have a crack at the fundamentals of this game, have at it. Oren Patashnik solved the 4 dimensional tic-tac-toe game, proving that a perfect first player will always win. No one has established this yet for a 12 dimensional game.
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