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Visualizing Universe

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    Based on this thread

    I got an image on how we could visualize Universe...

    Imagine there is nothing, nothing at all, vast empty space, actually infinite empty space to all directions and dimensions. Since there is nothing, motion and time do not apply either.

    Now imagine that hidden within that nothing is what science calls quantum fluctuations, which can be visualized as white noise, something like what appeard on old TV sets when there was no signal (just an analogy of course, what appeared on TV was real noise picked from background radiation of Universe).

    Well, if quantum fluctuations is something or nothing is probabbly debatable, and in domain of definition, but the thing is we have infinite ocean of 'it', and thus we have no edge, no shape, nothing existing.

    Now imagine that somewhere those fluctuations happen to break their symmetry, and instead of pairs annihilating each other the very instant they appear they somehow re-arrange, and like a domino effect, voila, Big Bang happens.

    Now we have real something, energy and soup of elementary particles, which then form other basic particles and then atoms, which then form gasses/nebulas, stars and planets, and obviously us. This something is observable and finite, having finite mass and energy, it's our 'observable Universe', one we see and live in.

    So, our observable Universe is not whole Universe, but merely a place within infinity where symmetry of quantum fluctuations broke and created it. While is also doesn't mean this is the only place it happened.

    Thus, there is no edge or shape to the Universe as whole, yet, there are probably many 'edges' (not real edges, which would be clearly defined) and various shapes in 'parts' of Universe, which we could call islands of finite Universes within infinite Universe.
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