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Vitality - phylogeny vs ontogeny

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    [From a string started by Mentat.] In what proportion do nature and nurture affect survival instinct? In other words, do I fight harder and flee faster to preserve my genetics or my life experiences?
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    well instictivly u save your gentics many anmials do like the praying manties...the males are killed during sex that cut the population and makes room and food for offspring...

    But we humans think we are above nature and came up with a will to live, but still wouldnet a mother (in movies atleast) give her own life in exchange for her childs?
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    Wouldn't it be better to teach the males how to take over the world instead of killing them?
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    I am of the opinion that one can not draw a clear distinction between nature and nurture when dealing with human behavior. When questions get ontological I generally have serious problems with them.
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