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Vitamin C on daily basis

  1. Feb 24, 2004 #1
    We had to do an experiment to detrmine the amount of vitamin c(aka ascorbic acid) in a sample using redox titration. We used apple juice as a sample. I found out that there is .350mgAA/ml of sample. So the question is

    How much of your sample would you need to consume to provide the FDA's recommended daily allowance of 60mg/day, and linus pauling's recommended daily allowance of 16g/day.

    For the first allowance i just divided 60mg/day by .350mgAA/ml to get 171ml/day and for the second one i did the same thing and got 45714ml/day.

    Did I do my calculations correctly and do the numbers seem reasonable???
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    THe math looks correct, so the answers must be right.
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