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Vitamin C

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    is too much Vitamin C bad for u?..i'm kinda addicted to this orange juice, and i kinda drink it alot....and i thought seen it has 118% of vitamin C somewhere on the box.
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    During the summer i drank an insane amount of orange juice. Something like 2 L bottle in 1.5 days.

    Nothing happened to me, so i assume it is ok. :smile:
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    Companies are hyping up Vitamins while I worked in a retail store there was one organic product that one serving contained 1000% your recommended daily serving. I don't know why but I do really remember seeing this.
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    In the US, the recommended daily allowance for men is 90mgs. The maximum daily dose is 2,000mgs.

    It's not good to get too much of any vitamin, although if you are healthy and not under medication, you most likely won't experience anything worse than diarhea even if you do overdose daily from orange juice.

    For more info - Nationional Institute of Health http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002404.htm
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    I seem to remember from high school that you couldn't overdose any of the water-soluble vitamins, but the oil-soluble ones could be trouble. The Bs and C are water-soluble, but that's about all I remember.
    I knew a guy who used to buy an oriental energy boost drink mix. It contained 15,000% the rda of one of the B vitamins. Only side effect I noticed was that he bought a Buick and became a Buddhist.
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    Linus Pauling was, according to many, the greatest chemist ever. He discovered most of what is written in chemistry textbooks today. He won 2 Nobel Prizes, one in Chemistry, and the other in Peace.

    Towards the end of his life he declared Vitamin C a cure-all, and started chugging down obscene amounts of it :bugeye: . He died a few years after he started this (I think from cancer).

    Many people said that "he wasnt in his right mind" in the last years of his life.
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    Yep, that's pretty much right. As long as you don't have any health problems, you'll just be wasting your money on too much water soluble vitamins, because most of it will just wind up being excreted. The most obvious side effect of too much B vitamins is bright yellow urine...I can't remember which one, maybe it was folate. The lipid soluble ones accumulate in the body and can lead to overdoses. My dad knew someone back in the 70s, or maybe early 80s, who wound up in the hospital with a vitamin E overdose.
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    When I thought I had a cold coming on I took about four grams of natural Vitamin C a day.
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    I used to drink one of those 96oz jugs of OJ everyday after work. My cholesterol is low and I'm fine.
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    and I have a peel instead of skin and I have a navel so I must be seedless and the citric acid has dissolved my teeth and my urinary tract is full of pulp.
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    I laughed so hard when i read that, you have no idea. It hurts so much.
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    Here's why too much vitamin is bad for you http://www.3.waisays.com/

    Here's the main site http://www.waisays.com/ [Broken] There are other interesting topics if anyone is interested like:

    how exactly milk causes osteoporosis
    diabetes; the true reason
    foods that cause depressions and sleeplessness
    foods that cause physical stress and ADHD
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    I hope you were joking with that. I checked out that site, and there are more than a few alarming red flags there! It's really a scary site, because they use real science articles and then twist and distort the findings so it almost sounds true.
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    You serious? I wasn't joking. I tried to get some feedback from people familiar with this stuff but i didn't get any responses. What are the obvious red flags you saw? It just looked so convincing to me. I hope it's not anything i already tried :surprised
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    Linus Pauling and I are alumni of the same university (Oregon State U), even I would not make such grandiose claims of his achievements. He was a great scientist, no doubt. As for writing the entire chemistry book, I think that is a stretch.
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    One that jumps right out is their endorsement of eating raw eggs and fish. While you can take precautions to make sure the eggs and fish are fresh, you can't guarantee they won't have bacterial contamination. When you follow links throughout their site, they try to tell you things like salmonella aren't a risk of eating raw foods. That's just plain wrong.

    They also had some screwy stuff on endocrinology in another part of that site.
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    Wow alright. I'll be a little bit more careful now. The salmonella explanation sounded so convincing though, i havn't totally given up on that yet. The site says we aren't at risk if we are exposed to them regularly, and not that we AREN'T at risk when consuming raw foods. I've tried to do some quick research on the net but havn't found anything to support this either so.. :rofl:
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