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Vitamins B, C, E

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    1) Why do people say taking too much vitamins is not good ?
    2) Can you tell me why vitamin B.s usually works best for human brain/nerves ?
    3) Can you tell me about vitamin E's mechanism as to when it is used to help people from skin cancer ?

    Thanks a lot
    PS: I have tried to read my book but it is really long and there are so many details that are so difficult that I couldn't memorize...
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    Some vitamines are hydro soluble whereas others are liposoluble. The hydrosoluble don't tend to be a risk when taken in excess because the excess will be excreted in urine. Liposoluble proteins are the one that can be dangerous when taken in excess because it will acumulates it your fat reserves and in your liver. As vitamines acumulates it starts to cause some side effects.

    The liposoluble vitamin E acts mainly as a radical scavenger in the cell walls. It protects the various components of the cell wall against oxidation stabilising the cells.
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    Thanks iansmith very much,
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