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Vivitar camera and driver problem

  1. Aug 31, 2005 #1
    Does anyone have a "Vivitar" camera? I can't seem to download images from my new camera to my computer. Help!? :confused:

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    What OS are you using? You only need drivers if you have windows 98.
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    I have windows XP. Since when do you only need drivers if you only have Windors 98???????????????

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    That's what the Vivitar website says. The camera probably uses the standard mass storage driver.
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    I see now that your wide sweeping statement is not wide sweeping at all? In any case its at most that this camera doesn't neen a driver for images. But my camera takes video too.

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    Oy! Get this! The batteries were low on energy. :frown:

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    Darn! Now the batteries are fine and I did the exact same thing as before and not it won't download. What the heck is going on here? :yuck:

    Does anyone have a Vivitar vivicam??

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    I've never even heard of Vivitar before you mentioned it.
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    I take that the images from your vivitar camera won't transfer to your computer for viewing? when you plug your digital camera in your computer did you make sure your camera is on first? try copying the images to your computer.

    I barely heard of vivitar. Honestly, you'd be better off with a Sony, Olympus or Nikon.
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