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Vivitar Camera Problem

  1. Feb 18, 2009 #1
    I have a vivitar vivicam 3765.
    I installed the software on my computer that came with the camera, and I have the cord.
    But I can't seem to put the pictures from my camera onto my computer.
    The batteries are new, and I have it on PC mode, but it still won't work.
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    Is it a new camera? Do you still have the instruction book? If it's an old PC with Windows 98, you will most likely need to install drivers which you probably already done. If it's XP or Vista, it should prompt you when you connect the cam. I don't know anything about your model but try a different mode, it should come up with a prompt.
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    No, it is an old Camera.
    I have window's XP.
    But thew prompt wont pop up.
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    Does anything show up in 'my computer' when you connect the camera?
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