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VLF Radio Astronomy?

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    I'm not sure if this is a correct forum for this topic, but I'm wondering if there is any research done on VLF (very low frequency) radio astronomy. Obviously, such telescope would have to be in space, because all signals up to 15 MHz are reflected by the atmosphere.

    If this was done or not, what would be possible sources in space of low frequency radio waves?
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    There are several problems with doing astronomy at low frequencies, not the least of which is that the IPM (and, if we could get beyond the IPM, the ISM) is opaque to radio waves, below the plasma frequency.
    http://rsd-www.nrl.navy.mil/7213/weiler/kwpdf/lfap-1page.pdf" [Broken] gives a concise summary of one proposal.
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    Nice reference, Nereid! Here are some others worth a look:

    Combined LOPES and KASCADE-Grande Data Analysis

    The Sensitivity of First Generation Epoch of Reionization Observatories and Their Potential for Differentiating Theoretical Power Spectra

    Motivation and possibilities of affordable low-frequency radio interferometry in space
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