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VLSI Grad schools.

  1. Apr 1, 2006 #1
    What are the best grad schools for VLSI design? What about decent grad schools? I have almost completed my BSEE, and I'm looking to apply for an MSEE. I'm not really interested in going into academia, so I'm not going to be applying to super-brand name schools.

    Is there a ranking system for EE grad schools that breaks the ratings into specific sub-fields of EE?

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    The best schools for electrical engineering are, in fact, the "super-brand name schools." On the other hand, you'll also receive an excellent education at many lesser-known state schools.

    - Warren
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    Do you happen to know any with a particularly good VLSI program? I went to take a look at Penn State, but it seems their focus is strong in other areas besides VLSI.

    I was thinking U of Maryland or UTexas, perhaps.
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