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Voice synthesizer chip

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    I am currently doing my solar charger with storage level indication through 7segment and an output voice of storage level. I am currently facing problem in the sound synthesizer circuit where i need to find the suitable chip for my project.

    I have read up some chip such as AD74111, AD7880, AD7868 and BU6922KV. All these chip are not suitable to be used and i have out of resource to find the chip. Is there any other options that i can go on?

    I need to find a way to pronounce the sound correctly using any chip that available.
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    How many words do you need to produce? Do you already have a uC as part of the circuit?
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    Hi berkeman,

    I need to produce sound like for example 80% full as i am doing charging. I am currently looking at one microcontroller which is Magnevation SpeakJet. Still searching for other options.

    Do u have any ICs in mind that can do that?Actually i am not allowed to use pre-record Speech Synthesizer. I am using PIC to be the one doing work, sending data.

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    You're not allowed to use pre-recorded speech? Weird. How are you supposed to "synthesize" speech?
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    As i know, there are some ICs that have sounds producing by either Hex code or maybe other binary code. Maybe by combining simple sound to found a word. Something like the world 'good', it might need two sound from the IC so that it can form the 'good' word. just simple 'la' pronounce or other simple sound. I am not good in explain, do u understand what i am trying to express?haha.

    For the project, i will have a 7 segment display of the storage level of my solar charger. then there will be a PIC taking the data to send in the synthesize IC to produce the sounds that i need for my project.

    Zhao Yong
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    Interesting. Maybe they synthesize them on the fly using phonemes?


    I'm familiar with using phonemes in voice recognition, but hadn't considered that they might be useful in voice synthesis as well. Sounds like a fun project!
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    hi berkeman,

    Yea yea. that's the word phoneme. I am actually enjoying doing this project! haha! Just that having difficulty to find ICs can actually do the job that i wanted to.

    Any ICs in ur mind? Thanks a lot!

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    This really brings back some memories. One of the first kits I put together was a free one from Bell Labs back in the early '60s. It used caps and inductors to produce the vowels that you could string together to "simulate" words (very crude). Here a link to see what they looked like:
    http://www.porticus.org/bell/belllabs_kits_ss.html" [Broken]
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