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News Voices Of Sanity From The USA (US Labor Against The War)

  1. Jun 28, 2004 #1

    “Therefore be it resolved:
    That SEIU supports the principles in the Mission Statement adopted at the National Labor Assembly of US Labor Against The War (USLAW), October 25, 2003, namely:
    A Just Foreign Policy based on International law and global justice that promotes genuine security and prosperity at home and abroad;
    An end to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq;
    The Redirecting of the Nation's Resources from inflated military spending to meeting the needs of working families for health care, education, a clean environment, housing and a decent standard of living;
    Supporting Our Troops and their families by bringing our troops home safely, by not recklessly putting them in harms way, by providing adequate veterans' benefits and promoting domestic policies that prioritize the needs of working people who make up the bulk of the military;
    Protecting Workers Rights, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and the Rights of Immigrants by promoting democracy, not subverting it; and
    Solidarity with workers around the world who are struggling for their own labor and human rights, and with those in the U.S. who want US foreign and domestic policies to reflect our nation's highest ideals.
    Be It Further Resolved:
    That SEIU will work with all religious, community, political, and foreign policy groups (such as USLAW) who support the principles outlined in the January 2004 letter to President Bush and further elaborated in this resolution.
    Submitted by: International Executive Board Referred to: Resolutions Committee
    [adopted unanimously by convention action on June 22, 2004]”

    I second the Motion…
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