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Void and virtual particles

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    consider an event that takes place for a very short duration thus it have high uncertainity in energy...this energy is sufficient to create virtual particles...
    can we predict the nature of virtual particle that will be created(by nature i mean..it's charge,behaviour in terms of interaction)...it will b kind if u can illustrate with an example
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    I believe so, and I think that's exactly what is done when experts use Feynman diagrams. Whether virtual particles really exist, or are just a mathematical bookkeeping device is debated here often. ('virtual' and 'really' don't go together very well, I must admit.)
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    can you elaborate the same with an example?
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    No, I can't, its not my field. I'm in linguistics. But search on Feynman diagrams and you'll find lots of them, and there's a virtual particle thread very active in this section at the present.
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