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Volcanic lightning.

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    so why is there lightning in a volcanic eruption? why is the lightning a different color? maybe we could make these eruptions on purpose or similiar scenarios to make lightning??? thanks for you input!
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    The static electricity generated as the dust an gas is ejected up at high speed is very similair to that in a thundercloud. The volcano is rather more effective because of the dust.
    I don't know if it would be a different colour other than possibly filtering through the gas cloud surrounding the volcano, or possibly from burning some of the gases.
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    ohh sweet thanks.
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    Stunning series of professional grade photos showing showing mammoth electrical arcs, glows, corkscrews, "tadpoles", globules and various other lightning discharge effects in a wide variety of colors. Also seen are ash clouds resembling mammatus clouds. It's easy to see how the mythic imagination could find dragons and firebirds in these images.

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    This thread is over two years old but I must say these photos are amazing.
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    hey Steve

    thanks for posting that link :) truely stunning series of pics

    as can be seen the lightning isnt a different colour just because its assoc with a volcano.
    those strokes out in front of the ashcloud are still blue/white, just like in a thunderstorm.

    only those partially obscurred by the ash are dulled in colour to reds etc
    the same thing happens in storms when the lightning is partially hidden by heavy rain bands or cloud

    the only difference between lightning production in storms and volcanoes is...
    rain droplets carrying charges upwards, compared to ash particles.

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