Volcano going off in Indonesia!

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    Thousands Flee From Active Volcano

    Photo of lava flow
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  3. I've been reading about this stuff.

    The volcano is midway between Krakatau and Mount Tambora. The 1815 Mount Tambora eruption is the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history, the 1883 Krakatau eruption is the second. The volcano is also located along the same fault line that caused the 2004 tsunami.

    My prediction is an eruption on the scale of Montserrat or Mount St. Helens but I don't know this stuff at all well.
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  4. Astronuc

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    Some background on Mount Merapi, which has been active since mid March this year.


    Back in April -
    Merapi (Smithsonian) - http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=0603-25=
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    That looks bad, is it heading towards populated areas ?
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    So sad, the sheeps fleece maybe the last thing thet see.
  7. That cloud behind the motorbike..looks like a sheeps head to me! They best get to step'en!
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    There really is nothing to be afraid of. I found a way to make sure the people are safe from the devastation of the volcano.


    See? There really is nothing to be worried about!


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    I've always wondered if it wouldn't make sense to dig a channel in the side of a volcano like Merapi, while it is dormant, so that when it erupts, the lava goes where it does the least harm. But then leave it to someone to settle down in that particular spot.

    I wonder how much the land costs around an active volcano? :rolleyes:
  10. I don't think volcanos are that tame...
  11. Astronuc

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    The latest eruption at Merapi started up back around Feb or March. The authorities have had plenty of time to think about defensive measures against lava flow.
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  13. Astronuc

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    Thanks matthyaouw, I was thinking about that, but wasn't sure.

    In Iceland, the locals sprayed water on lava to cool it, and thus protect villages that were in the path of a lava flow. The lava actually improved the protection of a coastal village from the open sea.

    Of course, being by the sea, they had lots of water at hand.
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