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Voltage/current div on memory devices

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    This is not a phasor problem, at least phasors were 3 chapters ahead at that time, there's no periodic input given:

    Let's say I have a circuit with an indep. current source and 2 capacitors all connected in parallel and I need to get current on the second capacitor.

    On the same note: if I have a voltage source and 2 inductors connected in series and I need to get voltage on one inductor.
    Source value is given as 2t and values of capacitors are 1 and 2; values of inductors are also 1 and 2.

    I know that inductors in series act as resistors in series and capacitors in parallel act as resistors in series too, but I cannot get right answer!

    Thank in advance.

    EDIT: solved it, could a moderator delete this please?
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