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Voltage question

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    Hey, I'm stuck in one of the problems I was given. We just started it, so I'm a bit confused. It says: 3.3k resistor is in series with 4.7k resistor. Calculate the percent of the total applied voltage that would appear across the 4.7k resistor. I got this answer but I'm not sure if it is right. Thank you.
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    The 3.3k resistor gets this fraction of the total voltage drop:

    {{3.3k + 4.7k}}

    while the 4.7k gets this fraction:

    {{3.3k + 4.7k}}

    Don't forget to multiply by 100 to get percent.

    - Warren
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    I know where I made the mistake. I'd multiplied instead of adding. I don't know why. Thank You.
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