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Voltage regulation

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    Good day all!!

    I am new to this forum however i hear its great and full of good engineers. I want to convert 90-270 volts into either 88 volts or 112. I was thinking about a buck converter due to the efficiency however i cannot find one that can take my vin min and vin max. Then i though of a voltage regulator however i cannot find one that will give me my vin max. I also know that regulators that are built with resistors will lose lots of power due to heat dissipation and the voltage drop across the resistor may vary if voltage isnt constant. Please anyone give me some ideas on what i can do to build this circuit using as least components as possible. Thanks (PS this is not homework)
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    Are those AC or DC voltages?
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    Dc voltages ill convert the ac to dc by using a rectifier circuit
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    Can't you just go directly to the final voltage? What is the 90-270?
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    What output power are you looking to get?
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    okay im sorry to everyone for not being clear enough in my 1st post and i thank everyone for their responses. I want the application to have an input range span on vin min 90v DC and vin max 270V DC. This is because i want my application to be diverse. If it were to be connected in another country that doesn't use our 120V 60hz system. I want to be able to step down that 90-270V to 88V for one application of the design or the 90-111 step up to the 112 desired or from 113-270V step down to 112v desired. The system will only pull what is needed...just looking to find components to help put my idea together
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    i dont know for sure, but can you step down your input voltage to a value say 9-27 V DC and then use the voltage regulator and then step up to your desired value???
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