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Voltage regulator repair

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    I am trying to replace a voltage regulator with an, as of yet, unavailable LM4040BIZ-10.0. I would like to keep the same pin design, but can work with a modified connection if I must. I am not a hobbyist, just a guy that likes to keep things working. I went through a few datasheets and must admit that it is way above my skills to match this part.

    After looking through the conversations here, I think this is the place to be. Thank you for any help.
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    not sure what you are asking. Try again
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    Is there another IC that has the same parameters as the LM4040 10v and preferably the same pin design? Again, please excuse my ignorance.

    I am armed with a schematic, multimeter and a soldering iron...usually it's enough for me, but I can't find the part to replace what I have found to be defective.
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    Go to www.digikey.com

    1 - Search for LM4040
    2 - Use their part filtering to select 0.2% (that is what the B denotes), TO92 package (that is what the Z denotes), -40C ~ 85C operating temperature (that is what the I denotes), and 10V.

    You will see that they have your exact part but only available in bulk...call them as see if they will sell you a single part.

    If that doesn't work out, remove the TO92 filter from the search and you will see many SOT23 package choices. You can use the SOT23, just hook up the (+) and (-) appropriately (look at diagram in datasheet).
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