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Voltage regulators

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    Is there a product that will step down 33Kw to 12v DC? or 120v ac?
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    Do you want to step down 33 kilowatts ( ac or dc, and at what voltage?) to 12 volts dc (and 2,750 amps) or 120 volts ac (and 275 amps)? Please provide details. What efficiency is needed? Air cooled or water cooled? Would you prefer solid state or a motor-generator (MG) set?
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    Forget that, I want to know what he plans on using 33 KW for, though I have the disappointing feeling that he meant 33 KV but this also has a lot of potential (pun intended).
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    Assuming that was a typo and you meant 33 KV, you get a 33 KV to 110 volt or 18 volt transformer and you then rectify the 18 volts and regulate the output to 12 volts using a voltage regulator.

    However, this is a serious transformer and usually the power company does the hard work for you out in the street. They bring the power to you as a much safer 110 volts and you can then put whatever transformers you like on that.
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