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Voltage waveform analysis

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    This the voltage waveform across a resistor load (15W). The applied voltage is 230V AC at 50Hz. What can be inferred from this? [ the Analog to Digital conversion of Voltage happens at around 1690 Samples per second]. What can we infer about the connected load from this waveform?

    [Update: The image URL seems to be working erratically. Alternate link for the image:
    http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=17480154503681850214 ]
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    Your image is not working.
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    Thanks for pointing out. I don't know why its not working. Included an alternative link anyways.
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    Not enough information. The question doesn't really make sense to me. Can you draw a schematic and show where this waveform was taken?

    230V 50Hz is going through something that provides this waveform across a resistor? Are the numbers the actual voltage across the resistor? What is the 15W about? Did you mean 15 ohms?
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    I abhor those spammy image sites

    here's the image for the benefit of all

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