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Homework Help: Volume and density uncertainties lab!

  1. Sep 15, 2012 #1
    Calculate the volume in (kg/m3) and density of a cube of unknown metal and its associated uncertainties. Then determine what kind of metal it is. Data is : side a= 19mm side b=19mm side c= 19mm. Mass of cube is 1.86g.

    Volume= a*b*c
    uncertainty ΔV= (Δa/a + Δb/b + Δc/c)V
    Density= m/v
    ΔD= (Δm/m + Δd/d)D

    I calculate the volume to be 6.859x10^-6 in cubic metres its uncertainty is 1.08x10^-6
    The mass is 0.00186kg
    Density ended up as 271.11kg/m3 but on the chart the closest value to that is 2.7x10^3.
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