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Homework Help: Volume Charge Density

  1. Feb 28, 2006 #1
    OK, I may be out of my league here so feel free to let me know (in a nice way please) but conceptually & every other way I can come up with, I am trying to put together volume charge density, linear charge density and surface charge density ... for example in my text it says that in terms of a cylinder r(enclosed)=λh where λ is linear charge density and r is the radius of a cylinder - can I interchange ρ (for volume charge density) and λ such that r(enclosed) = ρh? - AND if I have a uniform charge distribution and I use a cylindrical gaussian surface enclosed in a larger cylinder (r for the gauss. cyl. < R -- the whole cylinder) does E(enclosed in the gauss. cyl.) = E as in the whole cylinder??? Thats what Gauss's law is saying?? right?? and is q (enclosed) the same as Q(total)??? ---- Thanks for any help - trying not to be a physics flunky ---- :shy:
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