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Homework Help: Volume Expansion

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    A quartz sphere is 15.5 cm in diameter. What will be its change in
    volume if it is heated from 40°C to 210°C?
    Ok so what I did was use the diameter of the sphere and use the volume formula of the sphere and I got 15598.53 cm^3. Then what I did was use this formula [tex] \Delta(V) = \beta V_o\Delta(T) [/tex] knowing this formula I plug in the informationg given in the problem, but the part I don't understand is if its [tex]\Delta(T) [/tex] shouldn't it be the final tamperature minus the initial? Giving me 170 C. I can't do that part I need help.
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    Yes, [tex]\Delta(T) [/tex] is the change in temperature, 170 degrees Centigrade. What do you mean you "can't do that part"? Have you looked up [itex]\beta[/itex] for quartz?
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    YEs i did but i really cant get the answer the Beta for quartz is 0.000001 i dont get the answer right. What can i do?
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    I get 2.65 cm^3 as an answer.
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    is this answer corect?
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