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B Volume loss in 2 cylinders

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    Say we have 2 cylinders with the same volume capacities, but different radii, and a plunger to 'squeeze' the contents. We apply the same force to each plunger. Will the cylinder with the larger radii lose volume faster? Or will they be equal?
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    How are force, pressure and area related for a piston in a cylinder?
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    A question on a test that i got wrong.

    If you exert a force of 25 on a plunger of a cylinder containing air with an initial volume of 7, then exert the same force on the plunger of a smaller diameter cylinder, but with same volume of air, the cylinder with the larger diameter will compress less.

    I disagreed with that statement, therefore got it wrong. I claimed the final volume of compressed air would be the same in each cylinder.

    Oh well. More studying to do i guess..........
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