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Homework Help: Volume measurements

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    Please, please look at the document I've attatched.

    My questions are:

    Have I done the calculations correct? Do I have correct significant figures?

    I have to discuss the random and systematic errors.... but I don't know what ones that we've had. Help? And they tell us to point out relevant weaknesses and limitations of the method used (measuring the amount of water by weighing it and the beaker etc.) and how we can improve this.

    Well... one systematic error is that weighing the water will not give us the exact amount in milliliter as it can vary because of the temperature and pressure....am I on the right track? And that is then a limitation.....?

    Gah. I don't know anything more. I'm in IB first year btw, even though it says second year (first year after pre-IB)... if you wondered.

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    Your problem set really doesn't explain how you got any of the answers you've provided.

    So, let's backtrack a bit. What is a random error, and what is a systematic error? Let's make sure you have those basic concepts correct before moving on to see if you've applied them correctly.
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