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Volume of a prism

  1. Nov 4, 2014 #1
    if a swimming pool has a volume of y^3-y and a height of y-1 then what is the length and width?
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    The volume of a prism is


    And so in your case, [itex]V=y^3-y[/itex] and [itex]h=y-1[/itex] so plug these in, can you then figure out what l and b must be? Hint: Factorize.
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    I have it set up as:
    y(y-1)(y+1)=lw(y-1) which I then divide by (y-1) to get
    y(y+1)=lw and then I am stuck
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    Yer pool is either y units long and (y+1) units wide or (y+1) units long and y units wide. Without additional information, you can't tell which dimension is which.
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    That's assuming that all measurements are whole integers which was not given.
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    This doesn't assume whole integers at all. y could be any real value greater than 1.
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