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Volume of a solid bound by region work shown please help!

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    The base of a solid is the region bounded by y= 2*sqrt(sin(x)) and the x-axis, with x an element of [0, (pi/2)]. Find the volume of the solid, given that the cross sections perpendicular to the x-axis are squares.

    Work Shown:

    cross sections are squares:

    therefore A(x) is not equal to Pi*r^2 rather l^2

    therefore A(x)= [sqrt(sin(x)]^2

    therefore integral of A(x)dx of x-values from 0 to Pi/2 should provide the answer

    I think my approach is wrong and my integral for A(x) dx is wrong as well please help!
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    Hi johnq2k7! :smile:

    (have a pi: π :wink:)

    Seems ok (except you seem to have droppoed the original 2) …

    the general rule is to specify the slices you're dividing it into … in this case, slices of thickness dx and area y2. :wink:
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