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Volume of air in a cylinder

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    I'm new to the forum, and trying to find the answer to this question:

    How do I find the volume of air in a cylinder if the cylinder is filled to 10 pounds per square inch.

    This seems like a simple question, but has me stumped.

    Thanks a bunch
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    You can't- it depends solely upon the size of the cylinder, not the pressure.
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    ya, the question needs more information. You are only given pressure. The formula for volume of a cylinder is: V = pi(r^2)h, and pressure is mass/volume. You are not given enough information to solve the questions, since there is can be an infinite amount of comtainers that have a pressure of 10psi.
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    Pressure is force per unit area. Density is mass per unit volume.

    Also, the phrase "volume of air" is very misleading. The volume of air in a given tank is naturally just the volume of the tank. They might have intended you to find the volume that the air would occupy at standard temperature and pressure, but they didn't specify that either.

    All in all, it's a totally unintelligible question.

    - Warren
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