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Homework Help: Volume of blood

  1. Jan 31, 2006 #1
    Someone first of all someone help me decipher this question.

    A small amount of solution containing Na24 radio-nuclide with activity A0 = 2 x 103 disintegrations per second was injected in the bloodstream of a man. The activity of 1.0cc of blood sample, taken 5 hours later, turned out to be A = 16 disintegrations per minute per cc. The half-life of the radio nuclide is T = 15hrs. Find the total volume of the man's blood.
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    If you set the volume of blood to be V, then the inital concentration is A_0 over V, and the final concentration is given. You should be able to find V by back decaying the final concentration.

    Does that help?
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