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Homework Help: Volume of gas

  1. Apr 11, 2007 #1
    I want to ask if I have 2 cylinder container

    1) 50 m3
    2) 60 m3

    If I inject the same no. of mole of gases into these containers respectively
    when I apply PV=nRT
    Is the volume in calculating the gases in these containers are the same??
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    Somethings are missing in your post.
    Are the containers initially empty?
    Are they isolant (thermic)?
    How the gases are injected? The injection process will change the temperature.
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    If the volume of the first container is 50 m^3 and the volume of the second is 60 m^3, I suppose the volumes of the gas are...
    50 m^3 and 60 m^3!

    (This is the easier problem I've ever solved!).
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