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Volume of the ocean?

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    Volume of the ocean??


    Is anyone able to help me, in calculating the volume of the earths volume?

    *Please show all working*

    Thanks in adavnce!

    Kind Regards
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    Re: Volume of the ocean??

    1,360,000,000 km^3
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    Well take the ave depth to be of the worlds ocean to be 9000 meters.
    radius of earth is ~63,000 meters. 2/3rds of the earth is covered in water
    vol ~ 10^14 meters cubed

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    My answer is absolutely correct. It's the universal value!
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    Sniff,sniff.... I thing I smell homework.

    It is customary that this forum does not do your homework. We will help you if you can show us what you have done.

    Ss... the next question is what is your question? The title implies that you are wanting to know about the volumn of the ocean, but your post does not reflect that???? What are you looking for?
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    Well, he/she asked for the volume.

    I must tell you though Simon. I guarentee you that the time it took for you to type your question and post it was more than triple the time it took for me to get the answer.

    All I did was open google and type "total volume of oceans" I didn't even have to look for a link, because the caption for the first link on the results page had the number in it, and so did the second and third.

    So, sometimes it's quicker to get the answer yourself than ask.

    PS: However, maybe I lied to you about the answer, so check yourself!
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    Volume of Earth is (4/3)[pi]R3, so plugging R=6.38x106 m, one can get V=1.1x1021 m3, or = 1.1x1012 km3.

    Volume of ocean can be calculated as (2/3)4[pi]R2h, assuming average depth h~4.5 km, one gets about 1.5x109 km3= 1.5x1018 m3
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    The radius of the earth I used was wrong, but was allong the same lines as Alexander


    How do you add a quoe from a previous post??
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    Just press "quote" button in lower right corner under the post you wanna quote.
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