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Homework Help: Volume or area?

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    Does pi/4(d^2) equal volume or area? OR neitheR?
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    Neither. I have no idea what that is supposed to represent. Of course, I'm assuming you're talking about a sphere(based on the presence of pi, and your reference to both volume and area), but you did not specify.
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    It represents an area but what area? I don't know, certainly no readily identifiable geometric shape.
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    Well, is it
    \frac{\pi}{4 d^2}
    \frac{\pi}{4} d^2

    Assuming d is in meters, the first (how i read it) is not an area, the second(how i assume you read it, and i did not think of until you posted) is. The second is the area of a circle (where [tex] r= \frac{d}{2}[/tex]), if d is a diameter.

    @Zenaide: In the future you need to provide more information with a question. A single sentence will almost never be enough information for us to say anything definitive.
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    \frac{\pi}{4} d^2
    Okay That ^^^^^ is what I meant.... I had a sheet of equations but I don't have it and I can't find the equation for what that series of things equal... and I was using d as a diameter for a water tank.... SO I'm assuming the water tank is a cylnder. becuase it has a height and a diameter.
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    Then that would be the cross sectional area. The volume would be
    V = \frac{\pi}{4} d^2 h

    where h is the height in meters.
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