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Volume pressure temperature

  1. Mar 22, 2008 #1
    can someone explain the the relationship these have to each other? i know that they are either proportional or inverse proportional but i dont know which ones are. Thanks
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    For a given amount of a gas in a container, PV/T stays constant.

    Try leaving any one thing alone and change one thing, and you can see what happens to the third thing; for example, leave T alone, decrease V, then P must increase. Does it make sense? Does squeezing a gas into a smaller container make its pressure go up? Check.

    Why it's dangerous to throw an aerosol can into a campfire. Leave V alone, and increase T, so then P must increase. Kaboom!
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    oooo ok. thanks man. you also just unintentionally helped me with a worksheet question i was struggling with! thanks again.
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