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Volume problem help

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    Question: Find the volume of the solid whose base is the triangular region of the xy-plane with vertices (0,0),(1,0),(0,1) and whose cross sections perpendicular to the y-axis are equilateral triangles.

    I have the problem set up. just don't know how to get the cross sections of the triangles. i know the area is 1/2 bh i thought maybe similar triangles where the height would be sqrt(3)/4x and x=1-y. am i close? help
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    Hi gillyr2! :smile:

    yeah … close … :wink:

    though I don't understand what you mean by "similar triangles" …

    these are equilateral (3 x 60º) triangles of side (as you say) 1 - x …

    so h = … ? :smile:
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